Ruth Donners

Director of Licensing

9:05 AM IP Valuation for Licensing Purposes

Assess key management and commercialisation strategies when looking to monetise your IP

  • Overcoming the difficult task of defining the value of IP, especially in pre-commercialisation stages
  • Strategies for assessing the ROI on patents
  • Use innovative IPR to secure greater operational flexibility, drive revenues, enhance bottom-line returns, and thereby increase shareholder value.

9:40 AM Roundtables 2

Strategic Considerations in Contentious Trademark Matters

What can you do to place yourself in the best position to deal with trademark objections? Lessons that you can learn from an industry expert to implement within your organisations

  • First steps in any contentious matter
  • Knowing your enemy
  • When to settle

Ben Mooneapillay- Partner, JA Kemp

Commercial Considerations for Your Monetization Strategy
Once you have decided to monetize your IP, there are a number of strategic elements to consider to smooth the route to successful commercialization:
  • Finding the right support network to enable you to realize your plans
  • Setting up a process for different types of monetization:
  • License-out
  • Sale
  • Spin-out
  • Best practices for identifying which IP to monetize on, and finding potential targets/leads
Ruth Donners – Director Licensing, Royal DSM

Aligning Licensing Strategies with the Strategic Interests of the Product Business
Your licensing strategy is a fundamental aspect of the overall value of your IP portfolio. Learn how to implement strategic alignment within your own organization from the success of others
  • Assess what business managers understand about IP
  • Find out how to grow a market
  • Learn how you can manage the internal stakeholders
  • Understand how to take advantage of scenarios where exclusivity is the better solution
Arian Duijvestijn- Head of Intellectual Property, Philips Lighting