Peter Ericsson-Nestler

Director, IPR Defensive Strategy

4:50 PM The True Meaning of Open Innovation

Assess the meaning of open innovation and the ways in which your organisation can make open innovation a successful tool. Linked to this, what does this mean for how you define your IP strategy?
  • Identifying and selecting licensing partners
  • Structuring a mutually beneficial licensing deal
  • Legal hurdles to consider

11:10 AM Modernise the Defence of Your IP- How Being Proactive in Defence Can Benefit Your Overall Strategy and be a Key Driver in Achieving Your Business Goals

Reactive, slow, drawn-out litigation. These are all words attributed to traditional IP defence strategies. Turn defence into a positive process by taking your company off the back foot and become a proactive defender of IPRs saving valuable time and resources

  • Learning from the best, assessing what makes a modern defensive strategy
  • Learn how to use defence to complement business ambitions
  • Move your company forward through strong, proactive defensive strategies