10th-11th April, 2018 | Copenhagen, Denmark

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The Patent Lawyer

The Patent Lawyer Magazine is an internationally recognized need-to-read publication for patent professionals. Published bi-monthly, each issue of The Patent Lawyer is seen by over 20,000 patent professionals (including lawyers, attorneys, in-house counsel members, and C’ suite executives from all the major patent owing corporations around the... Read More

IP Pro The Internet
Website: http://www.ipprotheinternet.com

IPPro Patents is the go-to industry publication for free-to-read news, views and opinion on patent practice, law and management.The fortnightly publication and accompanying website—the only free-to-read patent resources around—cover the full spectrum of patent law globally, including prosecution, litigation, licensing, management and... Read More

Brand Enforcement IP Professionals
Website: http://linkd.in/1AwsNe7

Brand Enforcement IP Professionals is the second largest LinkedIn group in the world in the field of Brand Protection. Established in 2010 by Brand Enforcement UK Ltd, members include anyone who is involved in the enforcement of Intellectual Property rights such as; Lawyers, Law Firms, Brands, Law Enforcement Officials and Trading Standards... Read More