10th-11th April, 2018 | Copenhagen, Denmark

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Cooperation vs Competition in IPR

Ahead of the Nordic IPR 2018 event, Legal IQ spoke exclusively to Peter Ericsson Nestler, Director of IPR Defensive Strategies, Ericsson about why organisations are choosing to adopt more open development strategies, as well as the best mechanisms for cooperation around IPRs, and benefits and drawbacks of open innovation

Nordic IPR Survey Report 2018

Intellectual property now plays an increasingly important role in the world economy and has risen up to take its place on the agenda of many senior business leaders. Understanding how best to create, employ and control these assets is key to forming strategies that capitalise and maximise the value of a companies intellectual property. With this in mind, prior to this year’s Nordic IPR event, Legal IQ surveyed a number of relevant individuals in the IP space about the key trends and challenges they are facing in their roles.

Patenting Software-related Inventions according to the European Patent Convention

This paper presents a retrospective of the different epochs in patenting software-related inventions in the European Patent Office (EPO). To put things in perspective, it also makes reference to other jurisdictions as well, in particular USA. The emphasis is however on present EPO practice. Three


The EU Unified Patent Court The EU's changing landscape

The formulation of the European Unified Patent Court (UPC) has been labelled as the most important change to the European patent system for almost 40 years with the UPC to become the world’s largest patent litigation forum. 

UPC Special: Interview with Dr Matthias Zigann

Watch this exclusive interview with Dr Matthias Zigann, Presiding Judge at Munich Regional Court I, Germany and hear his views on:

  • changes to the IP Litigation strategy with the introduction of the Unitary Patent system
  • challenges for the 'patent poor' countries
  • how small companies can get their patent strategy up to speed 
  • the impact of trolls with the introduction of Unitary Patent system
  • and more! 


Novo Nordisk’s IP Group looks beyond the financial ROI to Real Efficiency and Engagement

Novo Nordisk is a global pharmaceutical company with 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. Their intellectual property (IP) team consists of 65 people with a wide geographic spread between their corporate headquarters in Denmark and additional IP units in the United States, India, and China.

Find out here how the implementation of the new 'Enterprise Platform' led to a 120% increase in daily use by staff and a 40% cost savings.

Building A Strategy To Identify Valuable IP

The accurate valuation of a portfolio and licensing to effectively monetize IP is a high priority in the IP world. By identifying IP, measures can be taken to protect it from exploitation by third parties. “Failure to protect it, and to do so early, may put your business at risk” 4 Therefore, without identifying your IP, you could be giving away your most valuable asset. However, the task of identifying IP in early stages can be hard, when attempting to forecast revenue. Ahead of the 2017 Nordic IPR summit, Legal IQ examines the subject of identifying valuable IP.


Leveraging IP and Patent Strategy for Business Growth

Legal IQ's latest 22-page whitepaper explores how you can monetise your IP and patent strategy with insight from tech giant IBM's Director of Licensing, Bruno Leduc and niche operator Dako's Senior Principal Strategist of IP, Tom Briscoe. Download your copy here.


State of the Industry Review - IPR in the Nordic Region

Legal IQ conducted an Nordic-wide survey to find out the State of the Industry in 2015.  It provides suggested focus areas your team should have for the year ahead. Download the results here.