Martin Jansson

Head of IP Strategy & Intellectual Assets

10:45 AM Roundtables 1

Ensuring IP Alignment to Business Strategy to Secure a Valuable Portfolio

How do you identify the strength and usefulness of patents? How can you develop your products in line with your organisation’s commercial ambitions? Understand why doing so has tangible benefits for your IP department
  • Understand what the new focuses are from representatives of successful large organisations and how they are successfully improving their IP’s value
  • Best in-class examples of successful alignment processes that you can apply to your department
  • Assess successful strategies which purvey the innovation lifecycle, from creation to commercialisation via management

Martin Jansson- Head of IP strategy & Intellectual Assets, SKF Patent Intelligence and Strategies

A Unique View of Investing and Supporting Companies Innovating in the Field of Energy

  • How to invest/support in innovative projects and companies taking IP value in the equation and subsequently securing that the IP value is secured in the right way.

Bart Lindekens- Director Intellectual Property, KIC InnoEnergy

Building IP Cultures that Harvest Invention

Learn how to develop strategies and processes that alert innovators to the value of their inventions. Increasing the production of relevant innovation will ensure strong portfolio development

  • Learn how to improve invention harvesting by IP training
  • Inventor compensation schemes to recognize inventors
  • Question ways in which you align IP strategy with the innovation strategy

Jan-Willem Goedmakers- Head of IP, Stamicarbon