Geovana Rosales

Patent Manager
Du Pont

1:30 PM Roundtables 3

Learn the Reality, Consequences, and Solutions to Act Against Counterfeit Goods Using Examples From the Cigarette Manufacturing Industry

In a global market where information is readily available, how can you reduce counterfeit trade of your products? An analysis of the illicit counterfeiting trade within the cigarette industry with a focus on Eastern Europe.

  • Counterfeit cigarette production in the EU? Really?
  • An analysis of the extent of the problem, where does the money go?
  • How can we dismantle this criminal activity for good?
Klaus Berg- Manager ITS&P, Philip Morris International

Winning Gold in Rio

The IP interests of countries in Latin America may differ substantially from comparable interests in the United States, Europe and Asia. What methods can you apply to successfully navigate your patents in this unique jurisdiction?

  • Is Brazil becoming anti-patent?
  • Strategies to deal with lower standards of patent protection, weaker enforcement and a rising bar for patentability
  • The impact of patent landscaping tools, patent databases and analytical tools to carry out non-infringement analysis
Geovana Rosales- Patent Manager, DuPont

Strategies for Success in China

An analysis of updates within the jurisdiction and what they mean for your business and IP. What defence and enforcement strategies should you be deploying to effectively enforce your IP and achieve your business goals?

  • Developing and maintaining a clean, well documented IP portfolio
  • Gathering strong evidence capable of rapid litigation or enforcement
  • Maintain confidence in your brand, thus preventing the loss of both business and production partners
Dr. Jochen Dorring- Senior IPR Manager, Brita