Agenda Day 1

8:15 AM - 9:00 AM Registration and welcome coffee

9:00 AM - 9:15 AM Welcome speech and chairman's opening remarks

· Successfully managing an IP portfolio with limited human resources
· Choosing your service providers and shaping your relation with them
· Insourcing or outsourcing – what solution is best for you?

Kia-Uwe Clauswitz

Senior IP Manager

Jan Willem Goedmakers

Head of IP

Jochen Dörring

Senior Manager IP Rights

Simone Frattasi

Head of Patents
Sony Mobile Communications, Sweden

10:15 AM - 11:00 AM Adopting open innovation and open access: A collaborative approach to invention

Peter Ericsson Nestler, Director, IPR Defensive Strategies, Ericsson
· Boosting innovation and what is the role of IP in order to do that?
· The importance of open access to innovation, the adoption of new technologies and using IPRs to regulate this
· The growing effect of digitalisation
· The success of mobile telephony as a case study

Peter Ericsson Nestler

Director, IPR Defensive Strategies

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Morning Break and Networking

11:30 AM - 12:10 PM Competition v Cooperation- Which is the Right Path to Follow?

Roya Ghafele, Director, Oxfirst
· Outlining the difference between the two strategies and identifying the main opportunities and challenges in both
· What are the benefits of adopting ‘open innovation’ and why is it an important business strategy to follow?
· Determining how to choose the right option for you and the decision process you should take

Roya Ghafele


12:10 PM - 12:50 PM Why managers don't care about IP (even if they say they do)

Patrick Kim, Founder,
· The yearly report as a mirror of management's focus
· Where managers' time and attention goes
· Strategy & IP - follow the money trail
· Good vs dumb KPIs

Patrick Kim


12:50 PM - 2:00 PM Networking Lunch

2:00 PM - 2:40 PM IPR and the circular economy: adopting new business models and legal resilience

Duncan Magnus Park , Vice President Intellectual Property, Tomra Systems
· How does a circular economy change the commercial landscape?
· Technical innovations and their role in driving a circular economy
· Identifying potential high value IPR
· Are current IPR laws “fit-for-purpose” in a circular economy, and how are they likely to change in the future?

Duncan Magnus Park

Vice President Intellectual Property
Tomra Systems

2:40 AM - 3:40 AM Roundtable discussion 1: digital content distribution in the EU:competition and copyright Law perspectives

Victor Shekera, Doctoral Researcher of EU Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights, University of Helsinki

Victor Shekera

Doctoral Researcher of EU Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights
University of Helsinki

2:40 AM - 3:40 AM Roundtable discussion 2: how the IP department can (also) promote innovation

Patrick Kim, Founder,

Patrick Kim


2:40 AM - 3:40 AM Roundtable discussion 3: Trade secrets and data security

Jarkko Konola, IPR Manager, F-Secure Corporation

Jarkko Konola

IPR Manager
F-Secure Corporation

1:40 AM - 2:40 AM Roundtable Discussion 4: Challenges in software patenting

3:40 AM - 4:10 AM Afternoon break and networking

4:10 AM - 4:50 AM The EU Trade Secrets directive- harmonising the protection of confidential information across the Union

Charlotta Ljungdahl , Vice President Intellectual Property, Air Liquide Group
· Status of implementation of the directive across the EU
· Key clauses and definitions as well as potential interpretation issues
· What implications will this have on employment laws?
· Enforcement and remedies
· Some pragmatic actions for an In-house Counsel

Charlotta Ljungdahl

Vice President Intellectual Property
Air Liquide Group

4:50 AM - 5:30 AM Patenting software related inventions in the EPO: the do's and dont's

Yannis Skulikaris, Director, European Patent Office
· What are the legal provisions in the EPC regarding patenting of SW-related inventions?
· How are these provisions put to practice by the EPO examiners? What are the checks and how are they performed?
· What is the EPO examiner going to ask you when examining technical effect in your application?
· How does the EPO examine applications in the Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning field? Does this differ within Cloud Computing?
· How can you draft your application in order to maximise your patenting chances?

Yannis Skulikaris

European Patent Office

5:30 AM - 5:35 AM Chairman's closing thoughts and end of day 1

5:35 AM - 5:35 AM Nordic IPR drinks reception hosted by Questel

Sponsored by: Questel