Dr Boualem Mekki

Head of Patent & CI
Bluestar Silicones

4:10 PM A Global Incentive Policy- Get Your Innovators Innovating!

Creating a global incentive strategy that optimizes the speed at which you extract the most business relevant IP out of your global R&D departments while carrying out the difficult task of complying with the legal requirements of each jurisdiction and understanding the cultural nuances of the countries in which you operate to maximize the effectiveness of your incentive

  • Learn the challenges involved in applying a remuneration strategy- the cultural challenges involved as well as the legal
  • As projects become more and more global, understand the commercial benefits of an incentive strategy and how you can shape the reward based on research that is linked to your organization’s business requirements
  • An assessment of what we have learnt regarding incentivizing our research and development departments based in the Nordics