Adopting effective IP strategy to drive efficiency, innovation and international growth opportunities 

Welcome to the leading platform of knowledge-sharing in the Nordic IPR sphere! 

The Nordics are home to some of the most successful European and Global corporations, providing excellent examples of how to receive the highest return on investment following effective and efficient internal management and commercialisation strategy. 

However, while setting the right processes within your business is vital, how this should be done is far from clear. This is why Nordic IPR is assembling leading IP professionals from a variety of different industries to share real-life case studies and processes, allowing you to take away actionable learning and deliver similar results within your own organisation.

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Reasons to Attend

Action organisational optimisation processes to revolutionise all areas of your IP department, from innovation management to structural change to drive progress

Take advantage of vital enforcement strategies to secure strong returns on IP investments and allow your business to achieve its goals

Interpret and adhere to current legislation that is changing the intellectual property landscape in multiple jurisdictions including the EU, Latin America, and Asia

Future proof your intellectual property department against the latest threats and business demands

Increase the success rate of your intellectual property valuation techniques to better identify potential value to your portfolio

2018 Speakers Include:

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