Nordic IPR

24 - 26 March, 2015

The Brewery Conference Centre, Stockholm, Sweden


Re-Engineering Nordic Strategies and Services for Profitable IPR Results

It’s an exciting time to be working in the Nordic IPR sphere.

Keeping up with emerging trends and practices in the region has never been so exhilarating. In particular, as the Nordic IPR movement shifts its concentration from heavy technologies to consumer based innovations (particularly in gaming and programming), there are numerous strategies to stay on top of in 2015.

As the longest running event in the region, the Nordic IPR forum has firmly established itself as Scandinavia’s premier IPR summit, offering excellent insight on the above strategies and more.

IQPC is therefore delighted to announce the return of this must-attend, 12th Annual Nordic IPR Summit, running from March 24 -26, 2015 in Stockholm.

What’s New For 2015?

Through brand new case-studies, interactive panel discussions, practical workshops, energising streams and collaborative round-table discussions, you will have the opportunity to delve into the most contentious areas of Nordic IPR, including:

  • Economy, Technology and Competition in the IPR Nordic Region
  • Assessing how IPR plays a strategic role in determining competitive advantage across important Nordic industrial sectors
  • Identifying the Current Drivers and Trends in the Nordic IPR Market
  • Short, fun-filled ‘Strategy Shoot Outs’ where IPR experts gather on stage to deliver quick-fire strategies that have proven successful across the Nordic region, including:
  • Nordic Entrepreneurs' Insight Into Re-Energising IPR Strategy
  • Transforming Your IP Function to a Profit Centre
  • Building a World-Class IP Portfolio
  • IPR Strategies for Cross-Border M&A Transactions
  • Best Practices for Brand Protection
  • Interactive networking, including ‘Hold The Front Page!’ where delegates group together and design the cover of ‘Nordic IPR’ magazine to highlight their biggest challenges , to later be evaluated by specialists
  • Fresh speaker list, including Directors of Patents from Nokia and Tetra Pak, Director of IP at AkzoNobel, Head of Legal at F Secure and numerous Nordic entrepreneurs!

Benefits of Attending

Having brought together over 800 Heads of IP, Patents and Trademarks, from more than 350 Nordic companies over the past 10 years, make sure you don’t miss one of the largest gatherings of Nordic IPR professionals.

Delegates are invited to attend a full day of workshop training and discussions to hear from, and network with, leading experts. All delegates will then be party to important debates about the most significant changes in the Nordic IPR industry in the Main Conference Days and will have the opportunity to contribute as well as to learn throughout . Attending this summit will allow delegates to enhance their IP rights and protection and get a head-start on their competitors.

The topics will equip attending delegates with the necessary means to strategise for building a robust and profitable patent portfolio. Whether your industry is pharmaceuticals, software, technology and telecoms or automobiles and aviation, this forum will cater to your needs and concerns.

Join us in Stockholm in March and be a part of a community of peers with the goal of protecting and maximising your Nordic IPR.

Who You Will Meet:

  • Patent Counsel
  • General Counsel
  • Private Practice Lawyers
  • Heads of IP
  • Heads of Legal
  • IP Director
  • IP Manager
  • Head of Litigation
  • IP Paralegals
A great event, like the last two. Met people I knew, made new contacts. A cosy, but effective and interesting conference at a fine venue Senior IP Manager, Umicore AG & Co KG, Nordic IPR 2014
I feel this event certainly has achieved its targets of providing timely and accurate updates regarding IP from Europe and other jurisdictions to the audience Jimmy Lim, Principal, Panasonic, Nordic IPR 2014
It was a good mixture of people from different regions and industries/official authorities. An overall good update on what is going on within the patent world Patent Coordinator, Volvo Construction Equipment, Nordic IPR 2014
Good size, good variety, good speakers Krister Karlsson, Corporate Patent Attorney, Neste Oil, Nordic IPR 2014

Download the Agenda


 Harri Honkasalo
Harri Honkasalo
Director of Patenting
Nokia Technologies
 Johan Nyander
Johan Nyander
Director of Intellectual Property
AkzoNobel Legal Group
 Jakob Koch
Jakob Koch
IP Manager
Ambu A/S
 Lars Henriksson
Lars Henriksson
Global IP Counsel
Husqvarna A/B
 Ray Ashburg
Ray Ashburg
Associate General Counsel, IP
 Stephanie Kennedy
Stephanie Kennedy
IP Blogger
Troll Tracker

  • Patents, Legislation, Infringement!Patents, Legislation, Infringement!
    Stephanie Kennedy is the author of the IP Troll Tracker blog. Stephanie has made it her mission to track and take down IP Trolls. Ahead of her talk at the Nordic IPR Summit in 2015, Stephanie exclusively interviews an inventor to discuss the process of patenting, approaching big players in the industry, trolls and US legislation. 
  • Using The Current Trends To Your Advantage Using The Current Trends To Your Advantage
    In this article, Ray Ashburg, the Associate General Counsel-IP at Electrolux, comments on the impact of Nordic IPR on US Litigation, shares how to navigate through the complex world of US Litigation and the best ways to use Attorney-Client Privilege to your company’s advantage
  • The Next Chapter of Nordic IPR The Next Chapter of Nordic IPR
    This eBook focuses on the most important strategic challenges facing IP owners and innovators, as well as those who advise them in 2015. 

    Topics covered include:
    • IP Survey results – 2014 vs 2015 – what is your strategy?  
    • How to Use Current Trends To Your Advantage 
    • IPR Strategy Corner: expertise and dos and don’ts 
    • Is your IP mobile yet? 
    • The impact of trolls on innovation – two different angles  
    • Patents, Legislation, Infringement!
  • How To Make Your IP MobileHow To Make Your IP Mobile
    Mobile IP is set to take the industry by storm in 2015. People are no longer sitting at desks all day with access to a computer… as the behavior of IP Professionals changes so must IP. In order to achieve its projected goals IP has to be managed on tablets and smartphones and it has to be easily accessible at all times. 
    Mobile IP will allow IP Professionals to access case files from anywhere in the world at any time and the ability to achieve results on the go. However, with innovation comes risk and there are rising global demands a company has to consider before embarking on the journey of making its IP mobile.
    Nokia will be one of the first to embark on the Mobile IP trend. In an exclusive interview, Legal IQ speaks to Harri Honkasalo, Director of Patenting at Nokia Technologies, ahead of their launch to find out how Nokia have dealt with the security requirements, pros and cons of installation, and the impact Mobile IP is having on the rest of the business.  

  • What’s in a word? Turns Out A LotWhat’s in a word? Turns Out A Lot
    IP Troll Tracker Stephanie Kennedy, is the CEO of 898 data, for the last 5 years she has optimised large data sets and developed custom software for clients to track their information to help them make insightful business decisions. She has over 20 years experience dealing with patent assertion and litigation consulting. Since 2001, Stephanie has made it her mission to track and take down IP Trolls, ahead of her talk at the Nordic IPR Summit in 2015, Stephanie exclusively reports on the impact IP Trolls are having on the Nordic region.

  • Hot Topics in Intellectual Property ebookHot Topics in Intellectual Property ebook
    Download the Nordic IPR ebook covering the topics IP professionals worldwide are discussing including Cloud Computing, Relationship Management, Patent Trolls and much more.
  • The 10 Commandments of Nordic IPRThe 10 Commandments of Nordic IPR
    Understanding the do's and don'ts of intellectual property can be a tricky business in the ever-shifting, modern, global legal environment. For this reason we spoke with intellectual property experts including Joakim Hammarsjö, Managing Director at Sandvik Intellectual Property AB and Magnus Johansson, Corporate Intellectual Property Counsel at Kongsberg Automotive to compile a list of the 10 Commandments of Nordic IPR.
  • How Local Knowledge Can Help Your Company in China - An Interview with Magnus JohanssonHow Local Knowledge Can Help Your Company in China - An Interview with Magnus Johansson
    China is a land of opportunity and also a land of potential pitfalls. With companies seeking more and more to move into the Chinese market, they are interested in learning what challenges could await them. We spoke to Magnus Johansson, Corporate Intellectual Property Counsel at Kongsberg Automotive about the Chinese market. He gives us his tips for surviving this difficult environment and desrcibes the coming changes in the Chinese IP landscape.